In the past at 3760 Shackleford Road (between Pleasant Hill and Steve Reynolds, and roughly opposite Gwinnett International Farmer’s Market)  there was a steakhouse. It closed down. It was followed by La Pantera Rosa, a Mexican buffet. La Pantera Rosa had its share of issues, including a Better Business Bureau rating of F and an attempted kidnapping in their parking lot. It has changed into a combined nightclub (main entrance) and the eatery Taqueria 2 de Oros (left hand side). The Pantera Rosa sign remains on the building, however.


The Oros referred to in the name is a gold coin, depicted in the upper left of their street sign.


I was attracted to the place because I thought the buffet was still there, and pure curiosity, to be honest. A 99 cent taco deserves at least a look, doesn’t it? I went inside, and the menu is on the wall.


There are maybe 6-7 booths in the taqueria, and there is an ample space open between the kitchen  and the eating area. You can watch your food get cooked if you want. The waitress explained to me that they had two sizes of tacos, 99 cent (small) and 1.49 (bigger). I ordered two tacos, the pastor and the carnitas and I ordered a lengua quesadilla. It didn’t take long to get the tacos, which were steaming as they were delivered to me. They were wrapped in two tortillas, not one. I liked that touch of convenience. The waitress pointed out a salsa bar, which had condiments, plenty of pico de gallo and 2-3 other salsas. I tossed some pico on my tacos, wolfed down one, and then slowed. I wanted to take pictures of this, right? Then the lengua quesadilla arrived.


This is a huge amount of food for $2.99, the equal in size of the 10 dollar quesadillas served elsewhere. What’s more the meat was tender as can be, the quesadilla was crisp, and the food tasted really good.

Service was decent. The waitress spoke good English and was attentive when she needed to be. Otherwise she was watching Spanish soap operas on the large screen television. This place is open 24 by 7. I suspect staff here pace themselves.

There is no take out menu.

Verdict: Huge inexpensive tasty quesadillas. Recommended for those on a budget.

Taqueria 2 de Oros
3760 Shackleford Road
Duluth, Georgia 30096
(678) 547-1050

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