Fini’s Pizzeria Italian Ristorante has a formal address of 860 Duluth Highway, but more so, it tends to be on the Lawrenceville-Suwanee side of the Lawrenceville-Suwanee Road – Duluth Highway intersection. As such, you can’t really see it from Duluth Highway. So, if you want a rule of thumb on how to get there from the Duluth Highway side, you need to enter the strip mall with the Chipotles and the Carvels, and then follow the various “arrow” signs back to Fini’s.


Once you get there, it’s pretty large and roomy inside for a suburban pizza place, walls a mix of plaster and brick, oil painting decorating empty spaces and fake gas lights on the walls as well. Fini’s has maybe 20-25 places to sit, counting tables and booths and this weekend night, they had plenty of customers. There were three groups of 10 or more, and one group of 7 to 8. From what I could tell, most were eating the pasta dishes, or sandwiches. We came here to try their pizza.

Fini’s has two kinds, a thin New York style and a thick crust Sicilian style. You can add toppings to a base cheese pizza or order one of their specialties. They also serve pizza by the slice. We ordered drinks and the antipasto appetizer, a vegetarian special Sicilian and the mondo meato thin slice.


We liked the appetizer, especially the prosciutto slices. The other meats were good and I’ve never turned down a good olive or artichoke as an adult.


The thin slice pizza had a pale flopper of a crust, though the toppings tasted good. Far better was the Sicilian, whose crust was far darker, and whose crust managed to be both crisp and chewy. And since the whole Atlanta metro area is absent a Pizzeria Uno chain, this sure makes a nice delicious alternative to Chicago style, and it’s reasonably close to Snellville.



Verdict: Good food. In our experience, get the Sicilian pizza and ignore the thin crust. Highly recommended if you’re into thick crust pizzas.

Fini’s Pizzeria Italian Ristorante
860 Duluth Hwy
Lawrenceville, GA 30043
(770) 817-4747

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