Dominick’s is a member of a small chain, and one location can be found on the corner of Main Street and Holcombe Bridge Road in historic Norcross. It’s in a pretty brick building with a small amount of outdoor seating, and doesn’t look as big from the outside as it turns out to be.


I stopped to eat here once on the way home. I was taken back by the apparent cost after looking at the menu, as I initially thought a full order would be necessary. Some of the full order costs are pricey. I looked for a dish with Italian sausage, as I’m partial to it, and ordered their garlic bread, their house salad and their spicy chicken and sausage casserole. I asked my waitress what serving size would be enough, and she said that a half order would be plenty.

One thing to note at this point. If you’re sitting inside, though you’ll have plenty of room, you feel as if you’re sitting right next to the adjacent tables. Sound seems to carry inside, and it’s as if you’re one of many in an extended party line. Distraction came, however, in the form of a half serving of their garlic bread.


I’ve never seen garlic bread quite like this. It’s a loaf of bread, as opposed to separated pieces of toast, has slivers of real garlic on top and is served with plenty of oil. It was a nice concept and was appetizing. Soon after the salad arrived, and then the entree.



The entree was  a fine dish, with spicy Italian sausages and real spice in the marinara. I finished perhaps half of it, and took the rest home. As the AJC has noted, a half order is more than enough at Dominick’s.

Service is excellent at this location. I really liked my waitress.

Verdict: Fine rich Italian food. Enormous servings. If you like these kinds of dishes, highly recommended.

95 S. Peachtree Street
Norcross, GA
(770) 449-1611

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