Cafe Mozart Bakery is an expanding chain and it’s easy to see why. They offer good products at good prices, and they treat their customers well. They greet people upon entering the store, they engage their customers and make eye contact, they count out change, and they don’t follow people around the store as if to keep an eye on them.


While I don’t have many problems, my wife, who is brown and looks Hispanic (can’t speak a word of Spanish either), does. There is a bakery in this town – on Pleasant Hill even – that will not count her change, whose clerks are more interested in their nails than her, and whose white haired manager did follow her around the store, looking over her shoulder, as if she were an illegal immigrant. She was furious when we left, and to be plain, that’s a bakery we’re not coming back to or ever reviewing.

Like most Korean bakeries in Atlanta, Cafe Mozart is as much a place to meet, greet and chat as to buy sweets. Unlike, say, Gourmandises or Alons, full sized loaves of bread and full sized cakes are hard to come by. Their sweets tend to be small, enough for a bite or two, and they have a large number of desserts with sweet bean curd fillings, which are precious to my wife. In the restaurant ecosystem, this kind of bakery is more like a Southern teahouse than the traditional European style bakery.


An eclair, and soft cookies with red bean curd filling.

Verdict: Cafe Mozart  seems color blind in our experience. No discrimination. Good products. Good prices.

2131 Pleasant Hill Rd
Duluth, GA 30096
(770) 232-1111

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