Bhojanic is a modest restaurant in a strip mall less than half a block north of the North Decatur Road-Clairmont Road intersection, on the right side as you’re heading north on Clairmont. It caught my eye one day when I was heading to the Brick Store Pub; the words “Indian fusion” ended up stuck in my head. I was curious what an Indian fusion restaurant would be like, and for that matter, so did my family.

Inside, the restaurant is full of mirrors, and that caused trouble with our seating. It took a couple tries and a new table to find a place where the sun wasn’t being reflected into my eyes. Once seated, we had a glance at the menu and looked for food we could try. It was recommended we try a thali, a kind of combination plate, as we were first time customers there.

My wife ordered samosas, and my daughter ordered a mango lassi. We all ordered thalis as well. My wife and I had a meat and 2 veggie thali and my daughter a meat and 1 veggie thali. In terms of meat entrees, my wife and daughter ordered a chicken tikka masala and I ordered a chicken curry. For vegetable dishes, my wife ordered the combination lentil dish and chole, I ordered a zucchini side and a chole, and my daughter had the chole.

The samosas were decently sized, and were good tasting, nicely spiced, richly flavored. There were only two of them, and they seemed a little expensive after having been served samosas at Mughal’s and Udipi Cafe. They came with a dark sauce and a green sauce and my daughter warned us that the dark sauce, the ‘tamarind’ sauce, wasn’t anything we’d like. My daughter was spot on. The green sauce was something, however, we liked a lot.

The mango lassi is an impressive drink,

mango lassi

mango lassi

and the thali plate, once delivered, is an impressive array of food:

The thali is delivered in a metal tray.

The thali is delivered in a metal tray.

From upper left to upper right, the plate contains: chole, chicken curry, and the zucchini dish. Lower left to lower right the dish contains raita (a cucumber yogurt sauce), rice pullao with folded chapati and a half circle of papadam (lentil cracker, a little spicy), and then a salad with some chutney.

The chicken dishes were universally liked, though my wife wasn’t terribly fond of the sauce the chicken tikka was in. My impression, getting a bite of the tikka masala, is that it was better than my curry. The choles were good. My wife loved the combination lentils, enough that she would have ordered a bowl of it alone. My wife is very fond of dal makhani and this dish was close to dal makhani in flavor. The raita provoked an indifferent response, as did the chutneys. My daughter and I traded chapati for my wife’s papadam.

My wife ordered more bread at the end of the meal, some naan, and it came buttered, which she didn’t want. We ate it, it was fine bread, but if you want plain naan, you’ll probably need to state that before you order. Otherwise I would have to say the service was attentive and good. Issues with musical choices: as much as I appreciate the light 1970s listening provided,  I’d rather hear a modern and more diverse sound, something that wouldn’t leave my daughter wearing her iPod.

Verdict: For the most part, good food and good service. A good place for a beginner with Indian cuisine. Recommended.

1363 Clairmont Road
Decatur, GA 30033
(404) 633-9233

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