The Metro Cafe Diner is a good looking restaurant found on Rock Bridge Road in Stone Mountain, Georgia. There are actually two of these, the other located on 229 Peachtree Street in Atlanta. This review will focus on the Stone Mountain location, which I had a chance to visit recently. This location is essentially across from the Wall-Mart plaza, and thus is convenient to a lot of the Stone Mountain shopping along Highway 78.



Inside, there is a lot of chrome, glass, and mirrored surfaces. The restaurant has plenty of lighting, service is reasonably attentive, the waitstaff is attractive and the menu is huge, with hundreds of choices. They even have a wine list, for those who want to share a bottle.


The menu, it must be noted, had whole sections where the dinner entrees and even the pictures of those entrees were identical to the menu of Snellville Diner (I understand that Snellville Diner is now closed). I can only assume the menu was generated from some common source.

The diner had a special the day I arrived, a catfish sandwich. I asked for the sandwich and asked that it be grilled, and then almost immediately regretted it. My experience with these places, when they’re not named Marietta Diner, isn’t particularly good when I push the edges of the menu in any way. Maybe it would have been safer to just order the fish fried? As it turned out, saying anything more than “catfish sandwich” was a waste of time, as it came fried anyway.


It was a good sandwich, with good fries. The catfish filet stuck out of the bread on both sides, was mild and crispy, and was a healthy portion of food. The fries had one of these crispy coatings, and were toasty hot when they arrived at my table.

Verdict: Nice place to eat, as long as you don’t expect a perfect order. Recommended.

Metro Cafe Diner
1905 Rockbridge Rd.
Stone Mountain, GA 30087
(770) 879-0101

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