Quick hits:

  • Lindsey Z is a gracious hostess. Her fiance is a nice, attractive guy.
  • The chef of honor was as good looking in person as the photo on Adventurous Tastes suggests.
  • The appetizers were insanely good. The wrapped shrimp, the little sandwiches with smoked salmon, etc.
  • In a food oriented crowd, you can always gin up a conversation by talking about Jeff Varasano’s restaurant and crusts.
  • I was hoping to see more food bloggers. Perhaps next time.
  • Angie Clawson of the Atlanta Community Food Bank showed. We’ll need to do an article or two on the food bank.

I’m hardly a party goer and ended up seriously overestimating the time it took to get to French American Brasserie. So I killed time on Howell-Mill road, trying to find Abbatoir. I didn’t find it, but did see Bacchanalia, Taqueria Del Sol, a FIGO to go, etc. And afterwards I was left with the lingering impression that for many people, “near Snellville” must be comparable to living in Macon, GA. No, we’re a bit closer to the center of the Atlanta metropolitan area than that. We’re only 15 minutes by car from the intersection of Pleasant Hill and I-85. And the reach of this blog seems to be growing.