I usually don’t get involved in telling other men how to dress, since for me, a t shirt is a fashion statement. I used to have a favorite T shirt, a list of beers on a nice grey tone background, the text in the shape of a stein, and I wore that thing until the holes in it had holes. But I do make exceptions for things that glow, and especially, things that are worn that glow in dimly lit, pretty, romantic restaurants.

I really don’t care for it when men wear LED laden Bluetooth receivers in restaurants. For one, they are supposed to be paying attention to their dates, not drawing attention to themselves. This is a time when they can set their iPhone, their Palm Pre, their HTC Dream, to vibrate.  As they turn their heads, people are reminded of the Bill Gates parody of the Borg.

So please, either take it off, or get a small square of electrical tape and cover that bright blue LED.