Red Salt is an exceptionally friendly place, and even after reviewing dozens of restaurants, this one stands out in this regard. Red Salt is a pub, modeled in red brick and wood, lots of wood, especially wooden cabinets with wine and beer. The roof is open and peaked, with piping peeking through thick wooden slats. There is bar seating and a lot of stuffed booths, in black it seems. Bartenders do know people’s names and conversations seem to take off around well known regulars. It’s hard.. no, it’s impossible not to be dragged in to the amiable chat here.

It’s an easy place to miss heading north on Roswell Road/Atlanta Street, as the road forks into Canton and Alpharetta Street and traffic tends to force you to the right. For this reason I’d suggest studying a map, because Norcross Street is going to be your friend if you’re redirected. I’m not at all certain about the best place to park for this pub. I found a small amount of public parking a half block south of the pub. Please be warned.

Please also note that the menu online and the menu in the pub (some of it on large blackboards on the brick wall inside, and also printed nicely) are not the same. If you’re making plans based on the online menu, your food might not still be served once you arrive. The beer selection is good, but not fantastic. If you want 20 different Belgian beers, that’s the Brick Store Pub. If you want 40 brews on tap, that’s McCray’s. This place merely has several good beers on tap. Beer or wine may be part of the reason for coming, but really, this place is for food and conversation.

The food, the dishes I could sample, were all good. I really liked the she crab soup I tried, darker and browner than the soups I’ve had in the Low Country. It came with a bit of bread for dipping. The soup was rich and tasty, and it was fun spooning some of the soup onto the bread and eating it that way. I tried the Red Brick salad, and this one, advertising heart of palm as well as avocado, was a tad disappointing. Maybe the old Badayori spoiled me, as they would have 3-4 inch chunks of palm in their palm salad, and these were small bits, all cut up. The avocado seemed to be no more than a tablespoon or two, really. Nonetheless, it passed any taste test of mine. The greens were garden fresh.

They had a good looking trout on the menu and blackboard this day, but I decided to try the shepherd’s pie. The presentation of this dish was excellent, on a thick wooden board and in a small cast iron skillet. The potatoes were covered in cheese, and the taste of the lamb really did come through. In the broth of the pie I saw mushrooms and corn, and I suspect onions, though I couldn’t find them. By this time company and the Blue Moon ale was having an effect. I regretted having to leave, as this really is a place to linger, and have small talk for hours on end.

Verdict: Scratch the surface and you have an exceptionally friendly neighborhood bar with some nice food. Highly Recommended.

Red Salt Pub
952 Canton Street
Roswell, GA 30075
(770) 998-4850

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