Indigo is a small, pretty restaurant on Canton Road in the old Roswell district, carved out of a brick duplex. The restaurant has perhaps a dozen tables on the outside and a couple dozen inside, and also manages to have a small bar as well, with a few seats. It’s on the left side as you head north on Canton, covered partly with trees, and was quite inviting the first time I drove by. With couples and the small dinner parties outside, Indigo looks a bit like a garden party on first glance, and the mood is not lost when you go inside.

It was a busy day when I arrived, as the restaurant was hosting a party, and music could be heard from the party’s location. It made for a couple apologies and some slowness of service that day. Not that it mattered much to me. I wasn’t in a hurry. It was a little tricky navigating the restaurant’s menu, since I have to avoid red meats and cheeses when possible, so I settled on a strawberry and romaine salad, the stuffed baby potato appetizer, and their caper and lemon grilled chicken.

Waitstaff, if I haven’t mentioned, are dressed in light blue Indigo t-shirts and jeans. They wear aprons if appropriate. They team well, and work with one another.  I enjoyed the service I had, I thought it was very good. Management was also attentive, and asked about my meal and chatted.

The salads and appetizer took a while to arrive, I suspect because of the party. I was glad when they arrived, as the salad wasn’t small. It was a healthy bowl of greens. Some places seem to think if you put a couple nuts in a salad, they can give you two bites of the greens and go on, but not Indigo. The strawberries were sliced, and the salad also had blue cheese and crunchy bits of pecans. They may have been roasted. I wasn’t 100 percent sure.

The baby potatoes were awesome but as they had a creamy filling, I could only have a couple bites of those. The chicken was .. as my waiter said it would be ..  incredibly juicy, perfectly cooked. Half a lemon was in the bowl, if you wanted more citrus flavor, and green capers danced in the bed of wide flat pasta. Again, it’s a large good looking dish.

Live music set up as I ate, and more couples came. Most were sitting outside, sipping wine, under the evening skies and green foliage. Indigo manages to pull a trick that seems easy but really is not, managing to be both graceful and informal at the same time. That the food is top notch doesn’t hurt either.

Verdict: Informal, graceful, very good service and great food.  Very highly recommended.

1170 Canton Street
Roswell, GA 30075
(678) 277-9551

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