Uncle Betty’s BBQ is a new restaurant born on the ashes of an old one, Whitt’s. It has a cute sign and a smoker noticeable in the back. It was the smoker that attracted my attention. Could this be a hole in the wall with real smoked flavor? I wasn’t able to tell that day, because it was a Sunday and they close early on Sundays.

Recently however, we picked up food from Uncle Betty’s, two pulled pork sandwiches and a half rib plate, to see what we thought of it. The plates came with some sides, baked beans, Brunswick stew and collard greens. They had a tomato based sauce in cute little plastic containers. The sandwiches could come with and without slaw on them.

The short and sweet of it is while the sandwiches were good and tasty, and the beans were good, there was no way to tell if there was any smoke in the ribs. My wife is a rib eater only for the most part, and the original owners of Spiced Right in Lilburn made very good ribs and spoiled her. While Uncle Betty’s ribs are tender and have flavor, they have no detectable smoke.

As a consequence, I’ll call my mark an incomplete for now. This is an eatery that is raising the expectation level with a pretty smoker out back. And unfortunately with barbecue this means they compete over a large radius, bumping up against places like Mad Dog’s or Fox’s. I like a lot of what I ate; this is a great little place to get an inexpensive sandwich. But they’ll never be taken seriously in the ribs sweepstakes until smoke comes off on people’s  fingers, until they can taste it in the meat.

Uncle Betty’s Barbecue
1795 Presidential Circle
Snellville, GA 30078
(678) 344-6095

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