Taqueria Del Sol is an attractive,  informal restaurant with multiple locations, one of which is in Decatur. It’s on Ponce De Leon and close to a lot of places with good food, including Watershed and Sawicki’s. We went there recently, as my wife wanted to try something new for lunch. To note, as Decatur is a hard place to park, Taqueria Del Sol has its own parking.

Every time I’ve seen Taqueria Del Sol there has been a line out the door. This was no exception. It was a hot day in July and the sun was more annoying than the heat. I’m not much of a fan of sunglasses, but I’d recommend them here in the summer time. The line moved rather quickly, and after a few minutes we were inside.

The lunch menu for Taqueria Del Sol is relatively simple. They offer about 6 different tacos,  4 different enchiladas, sides, soups, and what they call starters. Starters are chips with something to dip them in. For my family I ordered chicken enchiladas for my wife, beef brisket tacos for my daughter, a Memphis taco, a fish taco, a shrimp taco for myself, along with the jalapeno cole slaw. We ordered the salsa trio starter for everyone. We also ordered soft drinks, and we were handed ice in cups and cans.

Near the entrance there were metal tables with tall chairs to sit in. Almost by the time we were seated the chips and salsa came out. The chips were good, but to be honest, the salsas (a red salsa, a green salsa, a pico de gallo) were pretty ordinary. No heat, no spice to speak of, and most home made pico de gallos are better than the one they served.

In just a couple more minutes the food was served. The restaurant did far better with main courses. The fish taco was quite good, crunchy with a nice fish flavor. The Memphis taco tasted like a pulled pork sandwich without the white bread, and the shrimp taco was tasty as well. My wife’s enchiladas weren’t bad, though she also complained about the lack of spice and heat, and my daughter said that her tacos were also good tasting.

There wasn’t a lot of service here, but the service that existed wasn’t just good or excellent, it was superb.

I have mixed feelings about this place. It delivers the goods, without question. Tacqueria Del Sol is taking border cuisine, and expanding it in original ways. The more western character of the food exposes a Mexican influence to people who just wouldn’t touch it otherwise. It’s a pretty restaurant with good looking clientele. If you just ordered a drink and a taco and watched the crowd, it’s probably better, cheaper entertainment than half the movies at the cineplex.

However, this is a restaurant that feels to me like “Taqueria Del Mild”. There are a number of restaurants with salsas I can think of better than Del Sol’s red, which lacked flavor and heat. The tables didn’t have any hot sauces available that I could see, and the food would really improve if something akin to Mojito’s habanero sauce were available. Mojito’s habanero and Del Sol’s tacos would be a killer combination.

Verdict: Good inexpensive tacos served quickly. Great service. Great people watching. Milder food than I prefer, but still highly recommended.

359 West Ponce De Leon Avenue
Decatur, GA
(404) 377-7668

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To get to Taqueria Del Sol from Snellville, take 78 until it becomes Scott, take Scott to Clairmont. Turn left (south) on Clairmont and take it until you get to Commerce. Turn right on Commerce. Turn right again on Ponce De Leon. Taqueria Del Sol will be on your right after a couple blocks.

Other locations include:

1200B Howell Mill Road
Atlanta, GA 30318
(404) 352-5811

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(Cheshire Bridge)
2165 Cheshire Bridge Road
Atlanta, GA 30324
(404) 321-1118

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334 Prince Avenue
Athens, GA 30601
(706) 353-3890

Taqueria Del Sol on Urbanspoon