On Friday we went out at lunch. My wife was wanting to try something new and Taqueria Del Sol in Decatur seemed like just the place. We had lunch there, and I liked our experience there quite a bit. A review will be coming up shortly. If there is one thing I can say about that section of downtown Decatur, it is that it is packed with good looking restaurants.

On Saturday, the 4th, we went to Fox Brother’s Barbecue for about the third time. My wife by pure luck ended up with the last rack of ribs that day and Fox’s chef came out to to speak with us. The food was great — I just haven’t encountered that ” inconsistency” that other reviewers speak of yet — and Stephen (I hope I have his name spelled correctly) was pleasant and affable. He spoke about how he had been working since 4am, that it’s a tough thing to estimate how much food a restaurant will need. On our part, we talked a little about bringing our west coast relatives to the place. We also received a recommendation on a place to try and eat. We’ll keep that one a secret until we’ve been there.

Things to note: we tried Fox’s wings and they were delicious. I had half a chicken, their chili and green beans. I had not tried their chili before. It was a meatless chili and excellent, with bits of brisket and chunks of tomato, over which cheese and onions are placed. The chicken? Well, I could still smell the smoke on my fingers while driving home.

Two boonie pepper plants headed outside.

Two boonie pepper plants headed outside.

Two more boonie pepper plants are outside now, making three that have been pulled off the window sill and into the Georgia summer. The first one is nearly a foot tall – hardly a Thai ornamental.