Provino’s Italian Restaurant is a well regarded Italian restaurant located in the strip mall at the corner of highway 78 and 124 (Scenic Highway). Provino’s is in the same general area as Sri Thai and the Snellville Diner. It’s a chain, with at least one other location near the corner of Pleasant Hill Road and Satellite Boulevard, near Haru Ichiban and Cho Wan BBQ.

I’ve eaten there once, perhaps three years ago, and my strongest memory of that time is my conversation with the waiter, who leaned in close to me and whispered, “They don’t put much spice on the food here.” And that’s been what I recall of it. I have tried to get my family to come several times, as it’s conveniently located, but without much luck.

Recently, however, we were in the “what to eat for dinner” mode, and I suggested we order food to go from Provino’s. This review will be based on that food, and really won’t say much about the experience of eating inside Provino’s. While I was waiting for our order, however, what I saw looked good. They have a well stocked bar, a collection of antique food gear up front (an ancient coffee maker, a now obsolete meat grinder, etc), and what looks like a lot of booth seating that is well separated and semi-private. I should also note they had a steady stream of customers and seemingly happy ones.

We ordered two seafood dishes and an angel hair pasta. The food came with salads and small tasty bread rolls. But the first thing to note is the servings sizes are large and the food is rich. I’m becoming aware of this kind of thing because I’m having to control my portion sizes these days.

The salads were large, with a large portion of the salad devoted to iceberg lettuce and grated cheese. There was a slice of beet, a bit of tomato and red cabbage, mushrooms, chick peas, and a couple tiny slices of cucumber. The rolls were small, maybe the size of a plum, and they were heavy with butter.

My dish was the angel hair dalvina, a mix of fine noodles, artichokes, tomatoes, and spinach, in an alfredo sauce. Great stuff, tasty, mild, and too much for dinner for me at this time. I saved about a quarter of it for later. My wife had the seafood trio with a marinara sauce, with shrimp, scallops, and clams. She liked it quite a bit. She also had leftovers. My daughter ordered a dish called the cioppino, a very rich mix of seafood, in a ‘spicy sauce’.  The cioppino had mussels, crab, shrimp, clams, scallops and snapper and the dish was by far the largest, best tasting, and most spectacular of the three. My daughter was still eating parts of it three days later.

Verdict: Good rich food served in generous portions. If you love rich foods, Provino’s is highly recommended.

Provino’s Italian Restaurant
2252 Main Street East
Snellville, GA 30078
(770) 972-8411

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