Mirage is one of the prettier restaurants on the southeast corner of Abernathy and Roswell Road. And it’s calm in ways that work well during the middle of a hard work day. I came here with a coworker for lunch recently, because I had been here a couple times and this time wanted to hone in on their kebabs. Grilled meat and rice works really well with me. I wanted to have a good time and forget the hard work day.

We chose an appetizer, the kashk-o-bademjan, an eggplant and whey dish. My companion chose the lamb kebabs and I chose the chicken. Soon after our order we were handed a cup of vegetable soup, quite good, and not that long after the appetizer came along with some flat bread. The bread was excellent. We spent some time tearing off pieces of the bread and spooning on the appetizer.

The entrees came with a cooked tomato and a nice sized serving of rice, along with just the right amount of meat. We shared, and I have to admit if I were alone, I’d have gotten the lamb myself. The chicken had a yellow color to it, but you could taste the grilling. The chicken was good. But to my palate, the lamb was better.

Verdict: Recommended. I really liked it. I could have used a couple servings of the bread. This would be a great place to eat and linger, on a slower calmer day.

Mirage Persian Cuisine
6631 Roswell Rd NE
Atlanta, GA 30328-3179
(404) 843-8300

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