Varasano’s Pizzeria is a beautiful restaurant, a great place to take a date. The color theme inside is dark red and black. The bar and first few tables have a pretty salt and pepper stone surface. Otherwise the tables and chairs have the same dark red and black theme as the walls. The waitstaff are elegantly dressed in pure black, and the location Varasano’s cooks the pizzas is open to view, so you can watch them cook (always a plus). If you would rather catch a sunset, Varasano’s has outdoor seating. Instead of parking your own car, there is complimentary valet parking. And the valet who parked our car was a clever, funny guy.

The menu is simple (salads, pizzas, a calzone, and desserts), and the number of pizzas pretty small. You can add ingredients to the pizzas, so the effective number of combinations is pretty large, actually. We asked how many pizzas three of us would require, and the waitress suggested 2. She felt one would not be enough. So, we ordered a Salumi pizza and also a Margherita with pepperoni and mushrooms. My wife also ordered a spinach salad.

The salad arrived first, and it was a good salad, but just that, a good salad with fresh spinach, nuts and a bit of gorgonzola cheese. The first pie to arrive was the Salumi and all of us were hungrier than we expected. That pizza was simply inhaled. One piece of the Salumi was left when the Margherita arrived. That one we spent more time with, thinking about what we were eating.

My impressions of the pizzas were largely positive. The Salumi had great flavor, subtle flavor in the meats and everyone liked it a great deal. All of Varasano’s pizzas are thin crust pizzas, very thin, more in the Saint Louis style than anything I ever recall in New York. These pizzas are too thin to travel and by the time we were eating the last of the Margherita, the moisture and heat of the toppings had steamed the crust of the pizza into a floppy play doh consistency. So, eat fast and if you have to, discard the last slice.

The pepperoni on the Margherita were huge round circles, over 2 inches across. The sauce was also a real treat on this pizza, lots of flavor. The edges of these pizzas were well nigh perfect. My wife and I were munching on the crusts afterwards.

This is very good food in a style I’m not 100% fond of, to be honest. I like thick crusty crusts, crusts more in the quarter inch thickness up to Chicago style. But while I would have said I couldn’t eat a Saint Louis style pizza at all before coming to Varasano’s, this one is really really good. And while these pizzas aren’t going to make me forget Craig Priebe’s “New Orleans” style grilled pizza, they can sure take a lot of the pain away out of losing C. K.’s Pizza.

Verdict: Recommended. Lots of flavor in something that doesn’t leave you stuffed.  A great date restaurant.

Varasano’s Pizzeria
2171 Peachtree Street NE
Atlanta, GA 30309
(404) 352-8216

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