Carvel Ice Cream is a small ice cream shop in the same strip mall as New Jersey Mike’s and Niko’s. And since I had never had Carvel’s product before, and I’ve been wanting to try as many ice cream shops in Snellville as I can, this was the first stop on the Ice Cream Madness tour.

Carvel Ice Cream is the brain child of Tom Carvel, who was selling ice cream as early as the 1920s. Over time it became a chain, largely focused on the east of the United States. In recent years it became the property of Focus Brands of Atlanta Georgia, who have pushed the ice cream chain into 49 of the 50 United States. Hence, these days, we can get Carvel ice cream in Snellville.

In addition to ice cream, the store sells a number of what they call specialties. Specialties include sundaes and smoothies, shakes, and more exotically named ice cream based treats such as carvelanches (a shake variant), arctic blenders and carvelettes (blends of ice cream and other flavorings), and a variant of a sundae they call a sundae dasher (the bananas foster dasher simply looks delicious).

This store, the manager told us, has been here since 2004.

The store is peppered with ads both inside and outside, and just inside the store, immediately on the left, is a short version of the Carvel story. This day there were flavors of ice cream and sherbet available, but some of the presentation cases were not working and therefore empty. We were stalking ice cream these days, though, and not a ice cream birthday cake.

The best looking ice cream in the store to my eyes was their Chocolate Volcano, which had stripes of vanilla and chocolate and just looked good. I had a single cup of the ice cream, and after trying it, found that there were tiny bits of chocolate embedded in the ice cream as well. That was a nice touch. My wife had a cup of their lime sherbet and my daughter had their strawberry cheesecake ice cream.

I judged my ice cream to be creamy and good. It wasn’t as creamy as a super premium ice cream, but certainly flavorful and enjoyable nonetheless. My taste of the lime sherbet and the cheesecake ice cream also showed good flavor in a cool creamy product.

Verdict: Recommended. Nice little ice cream shop, good ice cream, and a slice of history within Snellville.

Carvel of Snellville
2050 Scenic Highway
Snellville GA, 30078
(770) 985-2011

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