It’s a little tacqueria next to Suno Dessert, and it’s neither fancy enough, nor extravagant enough to attract a lot of media or blogger attention. But it’s an honest little place, and I ate there recently before going home. I expected nothing better than chain taco quality but it turns out to be better than that.

I ordered tacos, avoiding the rather good looking Molcahete El Dorado, and they asked if I wanted chips. I said yes, and got a nice dish of warm, dry chips and two salsas, a spicy salsa with an orange cast to it, and a darker brown salsa, with some chipotle overtones. Those held my attention until the tacos came, a pork and a steak taco. They were $1.50 each,  wrapped in two soft tortillas, and both were good, better than anything you could get in a chain restaurant.

Are their tacos as good as say, Tacqueria Los Hermanos? I’d say no, but certainly good enough if you are looking for an inexpensive taco fix along Pleasant Hill.

Verdict: Recommended. Good chips, good salsas, and tacos that are above average.

El Dorado Tacqueria
2570 Pleasant Hill Road, Suite 102
Duluth GA 30096
(678) 957-1377

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