I recently made a couscous stir fry, whose recipe I won’t post, as it’s mostly identical to the quinoa stir-fry I posted earlier.  There is one exception, however. I substituted shallots for onions when I did this one, just to see how it would turn out. They turned transparent really really fast, so fast I was a little afraid of burning them. This left me a little interested in finding out what other people did with shallots, as they mostly seem to be this “fancy onion” that people use in this dish or that.

Poking around the Internet, I found this excellent article about shallots on Michael Ruhlman’s blog. His comments, including one about adding a spoonful of shallots to a panful of sauteed mushrooms, are really worth noting. Other online articles, such as this one from about.com, call the shallot a cross between onion and garlic and a milder version of both. The Chowhound site has an interesting article about what to do with 5 pounds of shallots. But the surprise of the browsing day was running into this article from the blog White on Rice, which talks about making banh mi (and the article is just fantastic). Turns out they also publish a blog named  Battle of the Banh Mi, and it has some really cool articles all its own, such as this one on the fillings of banh mi. The blog is collecting opinions about what is good and where, and for opinions about banh mi in Atlanta, Georgia, the appropriate link is here.