A suno, according to Suno Dessert, is a pile of shaved ice on a plate colored with slices of fruits, flavored with syrups, and served to their customers at large. It is large and it is not cheap, running about $5.60 or so. It is, however, ridiculous fun, and a crowd of teens, both young and old, were in the store when I arrived.

It’s on Pleasant Hill Road before you get to Super H Mart and after What the Pho?, in a strip mall on the right hand side while traveling west. The sign, with a blue snowflake theme, is moderately conspicuous, and also used inside the store. The counter front has rows of fresh fruits to be added to the suno, and on the far side of the countertop are twin rows of syrups. On one side of the store is a whole collection of photos of satisfied customers.

I had a Hawaiian suno, which meant I had chunks of strawberry, kiwi fruit, and pineapple piled on mine. It’s big, tasty, more than one person can eat. The ice is shaved so fine it’s a bit like eating snow. I’m not sure if the shaved ice itself has any flavor, but it wouldn’t be a bad date dessert, shared with someone else. I ate what I could, and placed the rest in a bin, for cleanup.

Verdict: Recommended, especially for those with an inner 12 year old.

Suno Dessert
2570 Pleasant Hill Road, Suite 101
Duluth Georgia, 30096

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