Quoc Huong is a restaurant that Eat Buford Highway and Blissful Glutton have pointed out as having good banh mi, a kind of Vietnamese sandwich with some French influence. Anyway, I was hungry, heading home, had just a few dollars, and stopped here for a quick bite. I’d never had the sandwich before and really wasn’t sure if the prices quoted could be correct.

Physically, this restaurant is on Buford Highway, in Asian Square, and close to Pho Hoa. I had no idea where to buy anything, but a waitress came out to me, as I was standing, and took an order.

All I can say is, yes, they’re $2.50 each, they’re very good. I had one sandwich, the barbecue, and it was delicious. The bread is crusty, really tasty and the filling had enough flavor and spice to please. Next time I’ll make sure I have $10 in my pocket.

Verdict: recommended. The banh mi is good and cheap.

Quoc Huong
5150 Buford Hwy NE
Doraville, GA 30340

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Update: John Kessler’s Buford Highway tour also has a review of Quoc Huong. The commentary on Mr. Kessler’s AJC article is also well worth reading.