Mellow Mushroom is something of an Atlanta area institution. Working with a late 60’s psychedelic theme, this series of franchise restaurants has been putting out good pizzas, good hoagies, good calzones for decades. In a region not known for good crusts, Mellow Mushroom pizzas have good crusts.  Prices tend to be reasonable as well. Slices start at $2.10. Small pizzas start at $7.25 and large at $12.25. The large easily feeds everyone in my family of 3, with leftovers.

The Snellville Mellow Mushroom is located on highway 78, north of the Regal Cinema mall, north of Dickey’s BBQ. It’s found in a building of its own on the right hand side while traveling towards Athens from Snellville.  There is seating both inside and on a patio outside. There are both booths and tables inside.

In my hands and over my length of commute, this is a pizza that travels pretty well. It maintains crispness despite being boxed. Personal favorites among their named pizzas are the House Special, the Gourmet White, and the Mighty Meaty. Among their hoagies over the years, I’ve had pretty good luck with the steak and cheese hoagie. My wife is fond of the small greek salad. And their menu is online.

Service isn’t bad here, especially given how hectic the place gets at times. If I have any complaint about this restaurant, sometimes it is too popular for its own good and gets a little noisy. I will have to say the last 2-3 times I’ve been here, it has been pretty quiet.

Verdict: Recommended. Crisp crust pizzas with good ingredients that travel well make this place a keeper.

Mellow Mushroom
2000 Main Street East
Snellville, GA 30078
(770) 736-9396

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