Five Guys is a burger chain from the Washington D. C. area with a lot of good press and a lot of momentum (see local reviews here by Chow Down Atlanta and here by Blissful Glutton). I saw my first one while driving down Jimmy Carter, and soon after one appeared in the Tucker, GA area, across the street from Cofer Crossing in a strip mall. I had never been there, but my wife likes to shop at the Wall-Mart in Cofer Crossing and she came back one day really praising their hamburgers. As far as I know, the Tucker location is the closest to Snellville.

I snuck into the Tucker store recently, and my impressions are.. peanuts! nice to have peanuts to shell when you’re in line. The color scheme is pretty, a red and white checked scheme. Reviews and “Best Of” awards for Five Guys pepper the walls. Burgers seem affordable, but it’s a pain in the pocket if you buy a regular cheeseburger (4.99), fries (2.59) and a coke (1.99).  That’s 10.24 for a burger, Red Robin territory. The “little hamburger/cheeseburger” turns out to be a single. The regular is actually a double burger. And the fries are huge and easily feed 2 or 3. For a family of 5, I would get 5 “little burgers” and 2 fries.

The burger, once I dug it out from all the fries, isn’t flat like most burgers. It’s a round ball of food. The cheese is sandwiched between the two slices of meat and then all the other fixing ride on top. Bun seemed thin, really, it’s all about the meat and toppings here. The burger is good and juicy. The fries are exceptional, meaty and hot as can be. Good stuff, and there isn’t the “extras” overload you get at Red Robin.

The service was good for a place where you order at a counter and pick up your food, and more so, every one working in the store seemed to be enjoying themselves, having a good time. It’s a sea change from the long gone Burger King that used to abuse its customers a block south of this location.

Verdict: very good burger, excellent fries. Note that their regular is really a double burger, their little burger is a single and not really little, and the fries can feed three easily. Highly recommended.

Five Guys Burgers and Fries
4306 Lawrenceville Highway, Suite 140
Tucker GA, 30084

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