Red Robin is on the the corner of Scenic Highway (124) and Webb Ginn Road, on the far right side if you’re driving from Snellville to Lawrenceville along 124. This is the same side as On the Border, Ted’s Montana Grill and Doc Greens.  Strictly speaking this is a Lawrenceville location but I’ve never felt I was in Lawrenceville when I was there.  Once inside it has a bright cheery ambience, with televisions embedded in the floor of the waiting area, and bright posters on the walls.  There is a bar in the restaurant and you can get alcoholic drinks. They have beer and fancy mixed drinks for the adults and fancy lemon and limeades for the young at heart.

Historically, Red Robin is a chain that started on the west coast. The restaurant is based on the idea of a gourmet burger.  Their burgers are full sized and come in at least 30 different varieties. You can get beef, chicken, salmon, turkey, fish, and vegetarian burgers. Toppings? They have plenty of them. French fries are meaty and they will give you fries until you can’t eat any more. Most burgers are topped with a fancy mayonnaise. If you don’t like mayo, they have mustard and ketchup on the tables.  If you don’t want a bun because you’re on an Adkin’s diet, they can accommodate that as well. My favorite is the 5 Alarm Burger, which has a spicy pepper jack cheese, jalapenos, chipotle mayo, and a ‘tangy salsa’.

Service here has been generally good, with an emphasis on the generally. I’ve come into the restaurant when they were short of cooks and the time to meals was horrible then, well in excess of 90 minutes. I’ve had the occasional mediocre server. For the most part they do get back to your table, ask if you want refills, top off your fries, etc.

My only complaint is that they are a bit pricey compared to the alternatives. It’s hard to get a burger cheaper than $9.00 here, and the Prime Rib Dip is priced at $12.99. Quesadillas are about $10.00 and the side salads are close to $5.00 each. Onion rings? $7.99. I find that I spend about as much here as I do Ruby Tuesdays.

Take home? It’s a nice place, but an ounce on the pricey side. If you’re on a budget, a fast food burger spot may be in order. If you want a little pampering, good inventive burgers, all you can eat french fries, pretty drinks, and a place to sit down, Red Robin may be the place for you.

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