There was a long and interesting post in the Atlanta Journal and Constitution blog that people answered for days and weeks, giving their opinions of what the best barbecue in Georgia is. I took some time, read every post, scored every favorable comment, every negative comment, and every eh, it’s ok comment. Coming up with a score based on the comments, I rank the best of Georgia as so:

Fresh Air, Jackson GA and Macon GA                 55.0  93.7%
Harolds, McDonough Blvd, Lakewood GA               23.0  82.9%
Sam and Daves BBQ1, Marietta, GA                   16.5  88.1%
Fatt Matts, Atl                                    14.5  67.1%
Fincher's, Houston Ave, Macon                      13.5  86.1%
Fox Brothers BBQ, DeKalb Ave                       12.0 100.0%
Two Brothers BBQ, Ballground                       12.0  87.5%
Swallow in the Hollow, Roswell                     11.0  91.7%
Dean's, Jonesboro                                  10.0 100.0%
Hudson's Hickory House, US 78, Douglasville        10.0 100.0%
JJ's Rib Shack, Campbellton Road                   10.0  91.7%
Sconyers, Augusta GA                               10.0 100.0%
Vandy's, Statesboro                                10.0  85.7%

The first number after the name of the restaurant is the score, which is a point for each positive vote, 1/2 point for a ok vote and -1 for a negative vote. The percentage is the percentage of favorable votes, expressed as a point for a positive vote, 1/2 point for a negative vote and that total divided by all votes for the restaurant. We would have simply left this as the top 10, but 9-13 were a tie, so far as we were concerned, so we’ve posted the top 13. If you want to know more about individual restaurants, please read the accompanying link.