I was working the day of my wife’s birthday and I had no idea how long I would be working. But when we finished  and finished early, I really didn’t want to come home empty handed. I had left my wife a card and flowers and a gift, but still, it’s a birthday. So once I found some candies I went down Scenic Highway (124) just past 78 and turned left soon after.

My wife’s favorite cake is carrot cake and I didn’t see any. I had no time to call and ask, this was all last minute. I looked at the fudge bars and the caramel bars and thought they were delectable, so I got a few of those. When I mentioned I didn’t see any carrot cake, the lady behind the counter said, “I think I have one in the back.” She looked and yes, there was one. She offered to ice “Happy Birthday” in blue for me, at no extra change. The cake, if I recall right, cost about $20.00.

My wife was a bit shocked and also quite pleased. If I had told her I was going to buy a cake from Bill Rhodes Bakery, she would have told me no and suggested (strongly) that I go to Publix. But I had worked the day of her birthday and yes, I was trying to make it up to her. I’m glad she understood.

The cake, once we cut into it, was light, carroty, and smelled and tasted of spices that aren’t found in the supermarket carrot cakes. Yep. Worth every penny.

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